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About Me

I knew my call, I stepped into ministry leadership, I put on many hats, and I became severely burned out. In that season of burnout I questioned everything, including my salvation. It took 2 years before I was ready to step back into the call God had for me. Today, I walk my faith and lead myself with purpose. I am committed to empowering ministry leaders so no ministry leader is taken off the field from burnout. Before we can lead others we must first lead ourselves well.


I believe God has called you to live your life and lead your ministry with purpose. As your coach, I will intentionally partner with you and the Holy Spirit to equip you to confidently and boldly live out your God-given purpose.


Mindy Lefaucheur

Certified Professional Life Coach

"I believe God has called you to live your life and lead your ministry with purpose."  ~Mindy

What Is Coaching?

"Christian coaching is biblically sound and Christ centered. Unlike counseling, where the past is the primary focus, coaching deals with the present and helps the client move confidentially towards a hopeful and exciting future. Using deep listening and questioning skills coaches help individuals move forward often taking the client far beyond what they would naturally do, developing and encouraging the client in successfully achieving their goals. The ultimate goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to help the Coach and Client navigate through the process of seeing potential untapped opportunities." -Author Unknown

Teresa Shepard, Coordinator of Pregnancy Loss

Clarity Clinic

I highly recommend Mindy as a coach. Wow, the things I have learned about myself and how I can learn to be a better me. she is a great listener and asks all the right questions...the process of asking THE right questions, step by step, things start becoming clear and we have a plan. And the fact that I can talk about God was a huge thing for me. Thank you Mindy for doing such a great job at being my Coach!

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