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Christian Coaching with Leadership Purpose 

Client, Coach, and Holy Spirit partnership equipping you to boldly fulfill your call in ministry.


Coaching Focus

Spiritual Growth

Leadership Growth

Personal Growth and Develpment

Navigating Life and Ministry Challenges

Forward with Purpose will equip you to be, lead, and grow in life and in ministry   to   confidently fulfill  your God-given purpose

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Martha & Mary 7-Devotional

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Forward With Purpose Podcast

Formerly Abortion Recovery Network Podcast

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New Episode 2-3 Times a Month

The Forward with Purpose podcast is for abortion recovery group leaders. In this podcast we discuss both the practical and weightier aspects of this work. The goal is to connect with and encourage leaders anytime of the day to be an ongoing source of encouragement to empower them to lead with purpose in their God-given call.  

The Abortion Recovery Network/Forward With Purpose podcast is a ministry of An Even Place and a joint venture with The National Memorial for the Unborn.

The Abortion Recovery Network will become Forward With Purpose January 2024. The mission and purpose of the podcast will remain the same.

"Thank you so very much for your Abortion Recovery Network! I love it and look forward to new episodes."   -Debbie

Coaching Services

All coaching sessions are conducted by phone or virtual except where noted.

Individual Coaching

Coaching sessions are up to one hour 

Group Coaching

Minimum 4 sessions up to one hour.

Team Retreats

Virtual 2 days 

In-Person 2.5 days

The Kind Words of Others

Jill Marquis

Director of Abortion Recovery

Care Net

Working with Mindy helped me clarify my goals and solidify the steps needed in order to achieve them. Her thoughtful and caring way of engaging made it easier for me to process the more uncomfortable questions - you know, the questions we NEED to answer in order to make meaningful changes in our lives! I am grateful for Mindy’s compassion and the way she encouraged me to dig deeper and not settle for an easy answer or a surface level response. 10/10 recommend having her as a coach!

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